Ice Hockey World Champions

See a complete list of Ice Hockey World Champions. Finland beat Canada in the gold medal game of the 2019 tournament and became the IIHF World Champions for the third time.

Fast Facts:

  • International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).
  • The Ice Hockey World Championships is the sport’s highest profile annual international tournament.
  • Professional and amateur players have been able to participate in the Hockey Championships since 1977.

IIHF Champions:

2019FinlandCanada RussiaSlovakia
2018 Sweden Switzerland United StatesDenmark
2017 Sweden Canada RussiaGermany/France
2016 Canada Finland  Russia Russia
2015 Canada  Russia United States Prague/Ostrava
2014 Russia Finland  Sweden Minsk
2013 Sweden   Switzerland United States Stockholm/Helsinki
2012 Russia Slovakia  Czech Republic Helsinki/Stockholm
2011 Finland  Sweden  Czech Republic Bratislava/Košice
2010 Czech Republic  Russia  Sweden Cologne/ Mannheim/Gelsenkirchen
2009 Russia Canada  Sweden Kloten/Bern
2008 Russia Canada  Finland Halifax/Quebec City
2007 Canada  Finland  Russia Moscow/Mytishchi
2006 Sweden  Czech Republic  Finland Riga
2005 Czech Republic  Canada  Russia Innsbruck/Vienna
2004 Canada  Sweden  United States Prague/Ostrava
2003 Canada  Sweden  Slovakia Helsinki/ Tampere /Turku
2002 Slovakia  Russia  Sweden Gothenburg/ Karlstad /Jönköping
2001 Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden Cologne/ Hanover /Nuremberg
2000 Czech Republic  Slovakia  Finland St. Petersburg
1999 Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden Oslo/ Lillehammer /Hamar
1998 Sweden  Finland  Czech Republic Zurich/Basel
1997 Canada  Sweden  Czech Republic Helsinki/ Turku /Tampere
1996 Czech Republic  Canada  United States Vienna
1995 Finland  Sweden  Canada Stockholm/Gävle
1994 Canada  Finland  Sweden Bolzano/ Canazei /Milan
1993 Russia Sweden  Czech Republic Dortmund/Munich
1992 Sweden  Finland  CzechoslovakiaPrague/Bratislava
1991 Sweden  Canada  Soviet Union Turku/ Helsinki /Tampere
1990 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaBern/Fribourg
1989 Soviet Union  Canada  CzechoslovakiaStockholm/Södertälje
1987 Sweden  Soviet Union  CzechoslovakiaVienna
1986 Soviet Union  Sweden  Canada Moscow
1985 Czechoslovakia Canada  Soviet Union Prague
1983 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Canada Düsseldorf/ Dortmund / Munich
1982 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Canada Helsinki/Tampere
1981 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaGothenburg / Stockholm
1979 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Sweden Moscow
1978 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Canada Prague
1977 Czechoslovakia Sweden  Soviet Union Vienna
1976 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union  Sweden Katowice
1975 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Sweden Munich/Düsseldorf
1974 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Sweden Helsinki
1973 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaMoscow
1972 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union  Sweden Prague
1971 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Sweden Bern/Geneva
1970 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaStockholm
1969 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaStockholm
1968* Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Canada Grenoble
1967 Soviet Union  Sweden  Canada Vienna
1966 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Canada Ljubljana
1965 Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia Sweden Tampere
1964* Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaInnsbruck
1963 Soviet Union  Sweden  CzechoslovakiaStockholm
1962 Sweden  Canada  United States Colorado Springs /Denver
1961 Canada  Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Geneva/Lausanne
1960* United States  Canada  Soviet Union Squaw Valley
1959 Canada  Soviet Union  CzechoslovakiaPrague/ Bratislava /Ostrava
1958 Canada  Soviet Union  Sweden Oslo
1957 Sweden  Soviet Union  CzechoslovakiaMoscow
1956* Soviet Union  United States  Canada Cortina
1955 Canada  Soviet Union  CzechoslovakiaKrefeld/ Dortmund /Cologne
1954 Soviet Union  Canada  Sweden Stockholm
1953 Sweden  West Germany   SwitzerlandZurich/Basel
1952* Canada  United States  Sweden Oslo/Drammen
1951 Canada  Sweden   SwitzerlandParis
1950 Canada  United States   SwitzerlandLondon
1949 Czechoslovakia Canada  United States Stockholm
1948* Canada  Czechoslovakia  SwitzerlandSt. Moritz
1947 Czechoslovakia Sweden  Austria Prague
1939 Canada  United States   SwitzerlandZurich/Basel
1938 Canada  Great Britain  CzechoslovakiaPrague
1937 Canada  Great Britain   SwitzerlandLondon
1936* Great Britain  Canada  United States Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1935 Canada   Switzerland Great Britain Davos
1934 Canada  United States  Germany Milan
1933 United States  Canada  CzechoslovakiaPrague
1932* Canada  United States  Germany Lake Placid
1931 Canada  United States  Austria Krynica
1930 Canada  Germany   SwitzerlandChamonix/Berlin/Vienna
1928* Canada  Sweden   SwitzerlandSt. Moritz
1924* Canada  United States  Great Britain Chamonix
1920* Canada  United States  CzechoslovakiaAntwerp

* The Winter Olympic Games Ice Hockey Tournament held that year counted as the World Championships
**The Summer Olympic Games Ice Hockey Tournament held that year counted as the World Championships

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