World Women’s Handball Champions

See a complete list of World Women’s Handball Champions. The 2021 World Women’s Handball Champions is the Norway. They defeated France 29-22 to win their fourth Handball title.

  • The International Handball Federation has held the World Championship in team handball for women since 1957.
  • Norway and Russia have won four Gold medals, which is the most of any other countries at the World Women’s Handball Championships.
  • The 2023 World Women’s Handball Championships will take place in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from November 30 – December 17.

World Women’s Handball Champions:

2021Norway29 – 22France
2019Netherlands30 – 29Spain
2017France23 – 21Norway
2015Norway31 – 23Netherlands
2013Brazil22 – 20Serbia
2011Norway32 – 24France
2009Russia25 – 22France
2007Russia29 – 24Norway
2003France32-29 (OTHungary
1999Norway25 – 24 (ot)NorwayFrance
1995South Korea25-20Hungary
1993Germany22 – 21 (OT)Denmark
1990Soviet Union24 – 22Yugoslavia
1986Soviet Union30 – 22Czechoslovakia
1982Soviet Unionno finalGermany
1978East Germanyno finalSoviet Union
1975East Germanyno finalSoviet Union
1973Yugoslavia16 – 11Romania
1971East Germany11 – 8Yugoslavia
1965Hungary5 – 3Yugoslavia
1962Romania8 – 5Denmark
1957Czechoslovakia7 – 1Hungary
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