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Copa America Tournament

Copa America Champions


See a complete list of teams that have won the Copa America Football Tournament. Chile won their second Copa America title in the 2016 beating Argentina 4-2 on penalties kicks.

Fast Facts:

  • The next Copa América in 2019 will take place in Brazil.
  • Copa América (America Cup in English) is formerly known as the South American Football Championship.
  • The teams that participate in the tournament are from South America with the exception of two teams that are invited usually from the CONCACAF.
  • Uruguay has won 15 Copa America titles which is the most of any other teeam.

Copa America Champions:

Year Host Champion Runners up Third Place
2023 Ecuador
2019 Brazil
2016 United States Chile Argentina Colombia
2015 Chile Chile Argentina Peru
2011  Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Peru
2007  Venezuela Brazil Argentina Mexico
2004  Peru Brazil Argentina Uruguay
2001  Colombia Colombia Mexico Honduras
1999  Paraguay Brazil Uruguay Mexico
1997  Bolivia Brazil Bolivia Mexico
1995  Uruguay Uruguay Brazil Colombia
1993  Ecuador Argentina Mexico Colombia
1991  Chile Argentina Brazil Chile
1989  Brazil Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1987  Argentina Uruguay Chile Colombia
1983 No set host Uruguay Brazil Peru
1979 No set host Paraguay Chile  Brazil
1975 No set host Peru Colombia  Brazil
1967  Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Chile
1963  Bolivia Bolivia Paraguay Argentina
1959  Ecuador Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1959  Argentina Argentina Brazil Paraguay
1957  Peru Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1956  Uruguay Uruguay Chile Argentina
1955  Chile Argentina Chile Peru
1953  Peru Paraguay Brazil Uruguay
1949  Brazil Brazil Paraguay Peru
1947  Ecuador Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
1946  Argentina Argentina Brazil Paraguay
1945  Chile Argentina Brazil Chile
1942  Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1941  Chile Argentina Uruguay Chile
1939  Peru Peru Uruguay Paraguay
1937  Argentina Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1935  Peru Uruguay Argentina Peru
1929  Argentina Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
1927  Peru Argentina Uruguay Peru
1926  Chile Uruguay Argentina Chile
1925  Argentina Argentina Brazil Paraguay
1924  Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Paraguay
1923  Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Paraguay
1922  Brazil Brazil Paraguay Uruguay
1921  Argentina Argentina Brazil Uruguay
1920  Chile Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1919  Brazil Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1917  Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Brazil
1916  Argentina Uruguay Argentina Brazil