PDC World Darts Championship Title Holders

See a complete list of PDC World Darts Championship Title Holders. Gerwyn Price from Wales is the 2021 PDC World Darts Champion.

Fast Facts:

  • Until the 2014 championships, only five players had won the title: Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor, John Part, Raymond van Barneveld and Adrian Lewis. Of these players, only Taylor (England) and Part (Canada) won it more than once.
  • No left-handed players have won the PDC World Darts Championships.

PDC World Darts Champions:

YearChampion (average in final)ScoreRunner-Up (average in final)
2021Gerwyn Price (100.08)7-3Gary Anderson (94.25)
2020Peter Wright (102.79)7-3Michael van Gerwen (102.88)
2019Michael van Gerwen (102.21)7-3Michael Smith (95.29)
2018Rob Cross (107.67)7-2Phil Taylor (102.26)
2017Michael van Gerwen (107.79)7-3Gary Anderson (104.93)
2016Gary Anderson (99.26)7-5Adrian Lewis (100.23)
2015Gary Anderson (97.68)7-6Phil Taylor (100.69)
2014Michael van Gerwen (100.10)7-4Peter Wright (95.71)
2013Phil Taylor (103.04)7-4Michael Van Gerwen (100.66)
2012Adrian Lewis (93.06)7-3Andy Hamilton (90.83)
2011Adrian Lewis (99.40)7-5Gary Anderson (99.41)
2010Phil Taylor (104.38)7–3Simon Whitlock (100.51)
2009Phil Taylor (110.94)7–1Raymond van Barneveld (101.18)
2008John Part (92.86)7–2Kirk Shepherd (85.10)
2007Raymond van Barneveld (100.93)7–6Phil Taylor (100.86)
2006Phil Taylor (106.74)7–0Peter Manley (91.72)
2005Phil Taylor (96.14)7–4Mark Dudbridge (90.66)
2004Phil Taylor (96.03)7–6Kevin Painter (90.48)
2003John Part (96.87)7–6Phil Taylor (99.98)
2002Phil Taylor (98.47)7–0Peter Manley (91.35)
2001Phil Taylor (107.46)7–0John Part (92.58)
2000Phil Taylor (94.42)7–3Dennis Priestley (91.80)
1999Phil Taylor (97.11)6–2Peter Manley (93.63)
1998Phil Taylor (103.98)6–0Dennis Priestley (90.75)
1997Phil Taylor(100.92)6–3Dennis Priestley (96.78)
1996Phil Taylor (98.52)6–4Dennis Priestley (101.49)
1995Phil Taylor (94.11)6–2Rod Harrington (87.15)
1994Dennis Priestley (94.38)6–1Phil Taylor (90.62)
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