FIBT Bobsleigh World Cup – Two-Man Champions

See a complete list of Bobsleigh World Cup Two-Man Champions. The 2017-18 season Two-Man Bobsled Champion is Justin Kripps from Canada. This was his first World Cup title.

Fast Facts:

  • Fédération internationale de bobsleigh et de tobogganing (FIBT).
  • The first official Two-Man Bobsleigh World Cup event took place in 1991.
  • Germany has dominated World Cup competitions with the most medals.
  • The 2018-19 season started in Sigulda, Latvia on December 8, 2018 and ended on February 24, 2019 in Calgary, Canada.

FIBT Bobsleigh World Cup – Two-Man Champions:

SeasonWinnerRunner UpThird
2017–18Justin Kripps (CAN)Francesco Friedrich (GER)Christopher Spring (CAN)
2016–17Francesco Friedrich (GER)Steven Holcomb (USA)Won Yun-jong (KOR)
2015–16Won Yun-jong (ROK)Nico Walther (GER)Uģis Žaļims (LTV)
2014–15Oskars Melbārdis (LTV)Beat Hefti (SUI)Rico Peter (SUI)
2013–14Steven Holcomb USA)Beat Hefti (SUI)Francesco Friedrich (GER)
2012–13Lyndon Rush (CAN)Oskars Melbārdis(LTV)Manuel Machata (GER)
2011–12Beat Hefti (SUI)Maximilian Arndt (GER)Alexandr Zubkov (RUS)
2010–11Alexandr Zubkov (RUS)Manuel Machata (GER)Simone Bertazzo (ITA)
2009–10Ivo Rüegg (SUI)Thomas Florschütz (GER)Karl Angerer (GER)
2008-09Beat Hefti (SUI)André Lange (GER)Thomas Florschuetz (GER)
2007-08André Lange (GER)Ivo Rüegg (SUI)Alexandr Zubkov (RUS)
2006-07Steven Holcomb USA)Pierre Lueders (CAN)André Lange (GER)
2005-06Pierre Lueders (CAN)Alexandr Zubkov (RUS)Todd Hays USA)
2004-05Martin Annen (SUI)Pierre Lueders (CAN)Alexandr Zubkov (RUS)
2003-04Christoph Langen (GER)Pierre Lueders (CAN)André Lange (GER)
2002-03Pierre Lueders (CAN)René Spies (GER)André Lange (GER)
2001-02Martin Annen (SUI)Pierre Lueders (CAN)Christian Reich (SUI)
2000-01Martin Annen (SUI)René Spies (GER)André Lange (GER)
1999-2000Christian Reich (SUI)Reto Götschi (SUI)Marcel Rohner (SUI)
1998-99Christoph Langen (GER)Reto Götschi (SUI)Pierre Lueders (CAN)
1997-98Pierre Lueders (CAN)Gunther Huber (ITA)Sandis Prusis (LTV)
1996-97Pierre Lueders (CAN)Gunther Huber (ITA)Brian Shimer USA)
1995-96Christoph Langen (GER)Pierre Lueders (CAN)Sepp Dostthaler (GER)
1994-95Pierre Lueders (CAN)Reto Götschi (SUI)Gunther Huber (ITA)
1993-94Pierre Lueders (CAN)Christoph Langen (GER)Gunther Huber (ITA)
1992-93Gunther Huber (ITA)Gustav Weder (SUI)Brian Shimer USA)
1991-92Gunther Huber (ITA)Gustav Weder (SUI)Rudi Lochner (GER)
1990-91Wolfgang Hoppe (GER)Gustav Weder (SUI)Chris Lori (CAN)
1989-90Christian Schebitz (GER)Greg Haydenluck (CAN)Maris Poikans (SOV)
1988-89Gustav Weder (SUI)Detlef Richter (GER)Nico Baracchi (SUI)
1987-88Jānis Ķipurs (SOV)Volker Dietrich (GER)Zintis Ekmanis (SOV)
1986-87Anton Fischer (GER)Matt Roy (USA)Wolfgang Hoppe (GER)
1985-86Maris Poikans (SOV)Vyacheslav Savlev (SOV)Ekkehard Fasser (SUI)
1984-85Anton Fischer (GER)
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