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The Best Chael Sonnen Quotes

MMA fighters are known for being a special breed. Who else would sign up for getting kicked in the head, punched in the face or submitted until they beg for mercy. Special could mean more than one thing when it comes to Chael Sonnen. Either you love him or hate him but one thing is for sure, he showed up to fight every time he stepped into the octagon and provided us with some of the best quotes, commentary and smack talk in the fight game.

Some of Sonnen’s most memorable quotes came from his press conference’s when he took on then, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. He went at Silva with a war of words that probably angered a lot of Brazilian’s. His ire with the Brazilian MMA fans probably grew stronger when he went at it with Wanderlei Silva.

Maybe Sonnen was just selling his fights or he really believed everything that came out of his mouth but whatever it was, he surely left an impression on the way the fight game is promoted today.

Chael Sonnen did not leave the UFC as a champion with the belt but he considered himself as ‘The People’s Champ’ and fans of mixed martial arts, will always have his entertaining quotes to keep them laughing for a long time.

Check out some of the best Chael Sonnen quotes and make sure you leave a comment if we’ve missed any.

These quotes from Chael Sonnen were captured during interviews and TV commentary in the MMA community.

Listen guys, if you’re not willing to go too far, you will never go far enough in life!

  • I actually held public office and I left the only way a person should in handcuffs.
  • He’s got a black belt under the Nogueira brothers. I think a black belt under the Nogueira brothers is like saying I got a free toy in my Happy Meal.
  • I want an easy fight. Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva. Either of the Silvas. Bigfoot Silva. They all suck. Gimme a Silva.
  • Im sore, tired, under the weather, overtrained, under-motivated and still tough enough to beat this guy.
  • I don’t do training camps. I don’t sleep in tents and I don’t roast marshmallows. Camps are for kids.
  • I’m like Jon Jones, I sound like Sean Combs and I got trombone size stones like John Holmes.
  • He’s a good durable fighter, he’s the champion, but I am the best.
  • Me taking on a mop and a garbage can would be a more interesting fight than those two [GSP and Anderson Silva].
  • I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America.There was a bus, this is a true story. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot, while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse. This really happened. He tried to feed a bus a carrot, and now you’re telling me this country has computers? I didn’t know that!
  • If Brock Lesnar was here right now, I’d take my boot off and throw it at him, and he’d better polish it up before he brings it back to me.
  • Im Brock Lesnar, Im Brock Lesnar, I got this $5 haircut and a knife tattooed on my chest. Well, Ill shove it up your face if you get in Chael Sonnens way.
  • Maybe you could Vitor a couple of messages for me. If my name comes out of his mouth again, I will bury him where he stands. And second off, tell Vitor to meet me at the hotel in 30 minutes because daddy has a plane to catch and Im summonsing him to carry my luggage.
  • Wanderlei, you are an immigrant from Brazil. I am a gangster from America. Are you sure you wanna play that game with me? Listen Wanderlei, I will do a home invasion on you. I will cut the power to your house and the next thing you’ll hear is me climbing up your stairs in a pair of night vision goggles I bought in the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine. I’ll pick the lock to the master room door, take a picture of you in bed with the Nogueira brothers working on your “jiu-jitsu”. I’ll take said quote unquote photograph, post it at, password – not required, username – not required. That, Wanderlei, is how you threaten someone. Dummy.
  • He (Wanderlei) drives an Aston Martin. Do you guys even know what that is? That’s what James Bond drove! It costs 200 grand. Wanderlei could have bought a fully-loaded Lexus, drove around in style for forty-one thousand, sent a hundred and fifty-nine grand back to your country, built two schools … but he didn’t.
  • You know, these guys want to talk about God. ‘Oh, I want to thank God. I want to thank God.’ Listen, I’m a God-fearing man, go to church every Sunday and have since I was a boy. But if I ever found out that God cared one way or another about a borderline illegal fist-fight on Saturday night, I would be so greatly disappointed that it would make rethink my entire belief system.
  • Then Andersons a big bully ya know. He goes out and says, just ridiculous things, like he challenges Frank Mir to a fight. Hes not qualified to make Frank Mir a sandwich.
  • You know, these guys are out there making man-love all the time, giving high-fives and huggin’ one another. You deserve to be knocked out if you’re trying to hug a man in the middle of a fistfight.
  • …when I was a little kid, I’d go outside with my friends and we’d talk about the latest technology, in medicine, gaming, and American ingenuity, and Anderson and the Brazilian kids are sitting outside playing in the mud.
  • If Jon Jones, a potted cactus, and a slice of pizza from my oven were all on Jeopardy, Jon Jones would not make the final round.
  • I should be the reigning champion. I punch a guy 300 times, he punches me a couple and they call him the champion? In what parallel universe does that make you the winner? I am the champion. I’ve been the champion. Anderson’s ribs have the exact same problem that his hands and his feet have, they’re attached to a cowardly person.
  • You’re looking at the reflection of perfection. You’re looking at the man who gets all your attention. You’re looking at the man with the biggest arm. At the man, with the greatest charm, the man in Chicago who will do harm to the guy three doors down. Whatcha gonna do, when you know who? How ya gonna deal, with the man of steel? How ya gonna react to Sonnen’s attack?
  • My phone rings, they call me up and say, ‘Chael, your testosterone level is too high.’ I say, ‘Well, how high was it?’ They say, ‘0.7.’ I said, ‘What’s normal?’ They say, ‘0.6.’; I said, ‘One-tenth? You’re telling me I’m one-tenth higher than the average man? Re-test that – you must have caught me on a low day.’
  • Lance Armstrong did a number of things and he gave himself cancer. He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer. Well, instead of saying ‘Hey listen, I cheated and gave myself cancer, don’t be like me.’ He actually made himself the victim and then went out and profited something like $15 million dollars from this ‘Hey, poor me, let’s find a cure for cancer’ campaign instead of just coming clean and saying, ‘Look, here’s what I did, I screwed myself up, and I hope people learn from my mistakes.’
  • I am attempting to pick a fight with some Brazilian fighters. Not fighters that care about you, Brazil. Fighters that have abandoned you. Fighters that claim they’re from Brazil, like Wanderlei Silva, but he lives in a gated community in Las Vegas.
  • I think everyone up here is grateful to be on Fox. They would probably say Fox thanks. Everybody but me. I would say ‘Fox, you’re welcome.’ Youve been telling everybody for years youve got the American Idol, and now you finally do.

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