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World Single Distance 1000m Women’s Champions

See a complete list of World Single Distance Speed Skating 1000 meter Women’s Champions. The 2020 World Single Distance 1000m Champion is Jutta Leerdam of the Netherlands. This was her first championship title.

Fast Facts:

  • The 2020 Championships was held at the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City, United States.
  • The International Skating Union (ISU) organizes the World Single Distance Championships speed skating competitions.
  • Since 1999, the World Single Distance Championships were not held in the year of the Winter Olympics.

World Single Distance 1000 meter Women’s Champions

2020Jutta Leerdam (NDL)Olga Fatkulina (RUS)Miho Takagi (JPN)
2019Brittany Bowe (USA)Vanessa Herzog (AUS)Nao Kodaira (JPN)
2018Not held due to Olympic Winter Games
2017Heather Bergsma (USA)Nao Kodaira (JPN)Jorien ter Mors (NDL)
2016Jorien ter Mors (NDL)Heather Richardson-Bergsma (USA)Brittany Bowe (USA)
2015Brittany Bowe (USA)Heather Richardson (USA)Karolina Erbanov (CZE)
2014Not held due to Olympic Winter Games
2013Olga FatkulinaIreen Wüst (NLD)Brittany Bowe (USA)
2012Christine Nesbitt (CAN)Yu Jing (CHN)Margot Boer (NLD)
2011Christine Nesbitt (CAN)Ireen Wüst (NLD)Heather Richardson (USA)
2010Not held due to Olympic Winter Games
2009Christine Nesbitt (CAN)Anni Friesinger (GER)Margot Boer (NLD)
2008Anni Friesinger (GER)Kristina Groves (CAN)Annette Gerritsen (NLD)
2007Ireen Wüst (NLD)Anni Friesinger (GER)Christine Nesbitt (CAN)
2006Not held due to Olympic Winter Games
2005Barbara de Loor (NLD)Anni Friesinger (GER)Marianne Timmer (NLD)
2004Anni Friesinger (GER)Marianne Timmer (NLD)Cindy Klassen (CAN)
2003Anni Friesinger (GER)Jennifer Rodriguez (USA)Cindy Klassen (CAN)
2002Not held due to Olympic Winter Games
2001Monique Enfeldt-Garbrecht (GER)Sabine Völker (GER)Catriona LeMay Doan (CAN)
2000Monique Garbrecht (GER)Marianne Timmer (NLD)Chris Witty (USA)
1999Marianne Timmer (NLD)Monique Garbrecht (GER)Catriona LeMay Doan (CAN)
1998Chris Witty (USA)Catriona LeMay Doan (CAN)Franziska Schenk (GER)
1997Marianne Timmer (NLD)Sandra Zwolle (NLD)Franziska Schenk (GER)
1996Annamarie Thomas (NLD)Chris Witty (USA)Emese Hunyady (AUT)
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