Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball World Series Champions

See a complete list of Major League Baseball World Series Champions. The 2020 World Series Champions are the Los Angeles Dodgers. This was their fourth franchise title.

Fast Facts:

  • The World Series is played in October, hence being refereed to in Major League Baseball as the “Fall Classic”.
  • The New York Yankees have played in 40 World Series and have won 27.
  • The world Series is the championship series that is played every year in Major League Baseball.
  • The World Series champion is decided in the best of seven games that has the American League playing against the National League.
  • There are 30 teams in the league that include, twenty nine from the United States and one from Canada.

Major League Baseball World Series Champions:

2020Los Angeles Dodgers4-2Tampa Bay Rays
2019Washington Nationals4-3Houston Astros
2018Boston Red Sox4-1Los Angeles Dodgers
2017Houston Astros4-3Los Angeles Dodgers
2016Chicago Cubs4-3Cleveland Indians
2015Kansas City Royals4-1New York Mets
2014San Francisco Giants4-3Kansas City Royals
2013Boston Red Sox4-2St. Louis Cardinals
2012San Francisco Giants4-0Detroit Tigers
2011St. Louis Cardinals4-3Texas Rangers
2010San Francisco Giants4-1Texas Rangers
2009New York Yankees4-2Philadelphia Phillies
2008Philadelphia Phillies4-1Tampa Bay Rays
2007Boston Red Sox4-0Colorado Rockies
2006St. Louis Cardinals4-1Detroit Tigers
2005Chicago White Sox4-0Houston Astros
2004Boston Red Sox4-0St. Louis Cardinals
2003Florida Marlins4-2New York Yankees
2002Anaheim Angels4-3San Francisco Giants
2001Arizona Diamondbacks4-3New York Yankees
2000New York Yankees4-1New York Mets
1999New York Yankees4-0Atlanta Braves
1998New York Yankees4-0San Diego Padres
1997Florida Marlins4-3Cleveland Indians
1996New York Yankees4-2Atlanta Braves
1995Atlanta Braves4-2Cleveland Indians
1993Toronto Blue Jays4-2Philadelphia Phillies
1992Toronto Blue Jays4-2Atlanta Braves
1991Minnesota Twins4-3Atlanta Braves
1990Cincinnati Reds4-0Oakland Athletics
1989Oakland Athletics4-0San Francisco Giants
1988Los Angeles Dodgers4-1Oakland Athletics
1987Minnesota Twins4-3St. Louis Cardinals
1986New York Mets4-3Boston Red Sox
1985Kansas City Royals4-3St. Louis Cardinals
1984Detroit Tigers4-1San Diego Padres
1983Baltimore Orioles4-1Philadelphia Phillies
1982St. Louis Cardinals4-3Milwaukee Brewers
1981Los Angeles Dodgers4-2New York Yankees
1980Philadelphia Phillies4-2Kansas City Royals
1979Pittsburgh Pirates4-3Baltimore Orioles
1978New York Yankees4-2Los Angeles Dodgers
1977New York Yankees4-2Los Angeles Dodgers
1976Cincinnati Reds4-0New York Yankees
1975Cincinnati Reds4-3Boston Red Sox
1974Oakland Athletics4-1Los Angeles Dodgers
1973Oakland Athletics4-3New York Mets
1972Oakland Athletics4-3Cincinnati Reds
1971Pittsburgh Pirates4-3Baltimore Orioles
1970Baltimore Orioles4-1Cincinnati Reds
1969New York Mets4-1Baltimore Orioles
1968Detroit Tigers4-3St. Louis Cardinals
1967St. Louis Cardinals4-3Boston Red Sox
1966Baltimore Orioles4-0Los Angeles Dodgers
1965Los Angeles Dodgers4-3Minnesota Twins
1964St. Louis Cardinals4-3New York Yankees
1963Los Angeles Dodgers4-0New York Yankees
1962New York Yankees4-3San Francisco Giants
1961New York Yankees4-1Cincinnati Reds
1960Pittsburgh Pirates4-3New York Yankees
1959Los Angeles Dodgers4-2Chicago White Sox
1958New York Yankees4-3Milwaukee Braves
1957Milwaukee Braves4-3New York Yankees
1956New York Yankees4-3Brooklyn Dodgers
1955Brooklyn Dodgers4-3New York Yankees
1954New York Giants4-0Cleveland Indians
1953New York Yankees4-2Brooklyn Dodgers
1952New York Yankees4-3Brooklyn Dodgers
1951New York Yankees4-2New York Giants
1950New York Yankees4-0Philadelphia Phillies
1949New York Yankees4-1Brooklyn Dodgers
1948Cleveland Indians4-2Boston Braves
1947New York Yankees4-3Brooklyn Dodgers
1946St. Louis Cardinals4-3Boston Red Sox
1945Detroit Tigers4-3Chicago Cubs
1944St. Louis Cardinals4-2St. Louis Browns
1943New York Yankees4-1St. Louis Cardinals
1942St. Louis Cardinals4-1New York Yankees
1941New York Yankees4-1Brooklyn Dodgers
1940Cincinnati Reds4-3Detroit Tigers
1939New York Yankees4-0Cincinnati Reds
1938New York Yankees4-0Chicago Cubs
1937New York Yankees4-1New York Giants
1936New York Yankees4-2New York Giants
1935Detroit Tigers4-2Chicago Cubs
1934St. Louis Cardinals4-3Detroit Tigers
1933New York Giants4-1Washington Nationals
1932New York Yankees4-0Chicago Cubs
1931St. Louis Cardinals4-3Philadelphia Athletics
1930Philadelphia Athletics4-2St. Louis Cardinals
1929Philadelphia Athletics4-1Chicago Cubs
1928New York Yankees4-0St. Louis Cardinals
1927New York Yankees4-0Pittsburgh Pirates
1926St. Louis Cardinals4-3New York Yankees
1925Pittsburgh Pirates4-3Washington Nationals
1924Washington Nationals4-3New York Giants
1923New York Yankees4-2New York Giants
1922New York Giants4-0New York Yankees
1921New York Giants5-3New York Yankees
1920Cleveland Indians5-2Brooklyn Robins
1919Cincinnati Reds5-3Chicago White Sox
1918Boston Red Sox4-2Chicago Cubs
1917Chicago White Sox4-2New York Giants
1916Boston Red Sox4-1Brooklyn Robins
1915Boston Red Sox4-1Philadelphia Phillies
1914Boston Braves4-0Philadelphia Athletics
1913Philadelphia Athletics4-1New York Giants
1912Boston Red Sox4-3New York Giants
1911Philadelphia Athletics4-2New York Giants
1910Philadelphia Athletics4-1Chicago Cubs
1909Pittsburgh Pirates4-3Detroit Tigers
1908Chicago Cubs4-1Detroit Tigers
1907Chicago Cubs4-0Detroit Tigers
1906Chicago White Sox4-2Chicago Cubs
1905New York Giants4-1Philadelphia Athletics
1903Boston Americans5-3Pittsburgh Pirates

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