FIBT Bobsleigh World Cup – Two-Women Champions

See a complete list of Bobsleigh World Cup Two-Woman Champions. The 2018-19 season Two-Woman Bobsled Champion is Mariama Jamanka of Germany. This was her first World Cup title.

Fast Facts:

  • Fédération internationale de bobsleigh et de tobogganing (FIBT).
  • The first Bobsleigh World Cup two-woman event took place in 1994-95 season.
  • Germany has dominated World Cup competitions with the most medals.

FIBT Bobsleigh World Cup – Two-Woman Champions

SeasonWinnerRunner upThird
2018–19Mariama Jamanka (GER)Elana Meyers Taylor (USA)Stephanie Schneider (GER)
2017–18Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Elana Meyers Taylor (USA)Mariama Jamanka (GER)
2016–17Jamie Greubel Poser (USA)Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Elana Meyers Taylor (USA)
2015–16Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Jamie Greubel Poser (USA)Christina Hengster (AUS)
2014–15Elana Meyers (USA)Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Jazmine Fenlator (USA)
2013–14Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Elana Meyers (USA)Jamie Greubel (USA)
2012–13Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Cathleen Martini (GER)
2011–12Cathleen Martini (GER)Anja Schneiderheinze (GER)Sandra Kiriasis (GER)
2010–11Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Cathleen Martini (GER)Kaillie Humphries (CAN)
2009-10Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Kaillie Humphries (CAN)Cathleen Martini (GER)
2008-09Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Cathleen Martini (GER)Nicole Minichiello (GBR)
2007-08Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Cathleen Martini (GER)Helen Upperton (CAN)
2006-07Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Shauna Rohbock (USA)Cathleen Martini (GER)
2005-06Sandra Kiriasis (GER)Helen Upperton (CAN)Shauna Rohbock (USA)
2004-05Sandra Prokoff-Kiriasis (GER)Cathleen Martini (GER)Susi Erdmann (GER)
2003-04Sandra Prokoff (GER)Jean Racine (USA)Susi Erdmann (GER) \
Gerda Weissensteiner (ITA)
2002-03Susi Erdmann (GER)Sandra Prokoff (GER)Gerda Weissensteiner Italy
2001-02Susi Erdmann (GER)Sandra Prokoff (GER)Jean Racine (USA)
2000-01Jean Racine (USA)Sandra Prokoff (GER)Bonny Warner (USA)
1999-2000Jean Racine (USA)Jill Bakken (USA)Françoise Burdet (SUI)
1998-99Françoise Burdet (SUI)Jean Racine (USA)Michelle Coy (GBR)
1997-98Françoise Burdet (SUI)
1996-97Françoise Burdet (SUI)
1995-96Françoise Burdet (SUI)
1994-95Claudia Bühlmann (SUI)
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