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Dakar Rally Car,Truck and Moto Champions

See a complete list of Dakar Rally Car, Truck, and Moto Champions. The 2021 Dakar Rally Champions are Kevin Benavides of Argentina (Bikes), Stéphane Peterhansel of France (Cars), Dmitry Sotnikov of Russia (Trucks) and, Manuel Andújar from Argentina (ATV/Quads).

Fast Facts:

  • The 2015 Rally traversed 9,000 kilometres through various parts of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
  • The Dakar rally formerly known as “The Paris-Dakar” or “Paris to Dakar Rally”) was originally, the rally was from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal, via a transfer across the Mediterranean.
  • The race is open to amateur and professional riders/drivers. Roughly eighty percent of the participants are amateurs.
  • The three major competitive groups in the Dakar are the bike(moto) class (including the quadbikes sub-class), the car class, (which ranges from buggies to small SUVs), and the T4 truck class.
  • The rally originated in 1978, a year after motorcycle racer, Thierry Sabine got lost in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice. He thought it would be a good location for a regular rally.
  • In 2001 Jutta Kleinschmidt (Miss Dakar) became the first woman to win the overall event.
  • Security threats in Mauritania led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally.

The Dakar Rally Car Class Champions:

YearRouteMake & modelDriver and Co-driver
2021Jeddah–ḤaʼilMini John Cooper Works BuggyStéphane Peterhansel, Édouard Boulanger
2020Jeddah–Riyadh–QiddiyaMini John Cooper Works BuggyCarlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2019Lima–LimaToyota Hilux DakarNasser Al-Attiyah, Matthieu Baumel
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaPeugeot 3008 DKR MaxiCarlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresPeugeot 3008 DKRStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioPeugeot 2008 DKRStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Mini All 4 RacingNasser Al-Attiyah, Matthieu Baumel
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoMini All 4 RacingNani Roma, Michel Périn
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoMini All 4 RacingStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaMini All 4 RacingStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2011Buenos Aires-AricaVolkswagen TouaregNasser Al-Attiyah, Timo Gottschalk
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaVolkswagen TouaregCarlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoVolkswagen TouaregGiniel de Villiers, Dirk von Zitzewitz
2007Lisbon-DakarMitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2006Lisbon-DakarMitsubishi PajeroLuc Alphand, Gilles Picard
2005Barcelona-DakarMitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Mitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2003Marseille-Mitsubishi PajeroHiroshi Masuoka, Andreas Schulz
2002Arras-Madrid-Mitsubishi PajeroHiroshi Masuoka, Pascal Maimon
2001Paris-DakarMitsubishi PajeroJutta Kleinschmidt, Andreas Schulz
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoSchlesser-Renault BuggyJean-Louis Schlesser, Henri Magne
1999Granada-DakarSchlesser-Renault BuggyJean-Louis Schlesser, Philippe Monnet
1998Paris-Granada-Mitsubishi PajeroJean-Pierre Fontenay, Gilles Picard
1997Dakar-Agades-Mitsubishi PajeroKenjiro Shinozuka, Henri Magne
1996Granada-DakarCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1995Granada-DakarCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1993Paris-DakarMitsubishi PajeroBruno Saby, Dominique Seriyes
1992Paris-Sirt-Mitsubishi PajeroHubert Auriol, Philippe Monnet
1991Paris-Tripoli-Citroën ZXAri Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1990Paris-Tripoli-Peugeot 405 T16Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1989Paris-Tunis-DakarPeugeot 405 T16Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1988Paris-Alger-DakarPeugeot 205 T16Juha Kankkunen, Juha Piironen
1987Paris-Alger-DakarPeugeot 205 T16Ari Vatanen, Bernard Giroux
1986Paris-Alger-DakarPorsche 959René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1985Paris-Alger-DakarMitsubishi PajeroPatrick Zaniroli, Jean Da Silva
1984Paris-Alger-DakarPorsche 911René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1983Paris-Alger-DakarMercedes 280 GJacky Ickx, Claude Brasseur
1982Paris-Alger-DakarRenault 20Claude Marreau, Bernard Marreau
1981Paris-DakarRange RoverRené Metge, Bernard Giroux
1980Paris-DakarVolkswagen IltisFreddy Kottulinsky, Gerd Löffelmann
1979Paris-DakarRange RoverAlain Génestier,Joseph Terbiaut

Dar Moto Cross Rally
Dakar Moto

Dakar Moto Class Rally Champions:

YearRouteRiderMake & model
2021Jeddah–Ḥaʼil Kevin BenavidesHonda CRF 450 Rally
2020Jeddah–Riyadh–Qiddiya Ricky BrabecHonda CRF 450 Rally
2019Lima–LimaToby PriceKTM 450 Rally
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaMatthias WalknerKTM 450 Rally Replica
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresSam SunderlandKTM 450 Rally
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioToby PriceKTM 450 Rally
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Marc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoMarc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoCyril DespresKTM 450 Rally
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaCyril DespresKTM 450 Rally
2011Buenos Aires-AricaMarc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaCyril DespresKTM 690 Rally
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoMarc ComaKTM 690 Rally
2007Lisbon-DakarCyril DespresKTM 690 Rally
2006Lisbon-DakarMarc ComaKTM LC4 660R
2005Barcelona-DakarCyril DespresKTM LC4 660R
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Nani RomaKTM LC4 660R
2003Marseille-Richard SainctKTM LC4 660R
2002Arras-Madrid-Fabrizio MeoniKTM LC8 950R
2001Paris-DakarFabrizio MeoniKTM LC4 660R
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoRichard SainctBMW F650RR
1999Granada-DakarRichard SainctBMW F650RR
1998Paris-Granada-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1997Dakar-Agades-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1996Granada-DakarEdi OrioliYamaha YZE850T
1995Granada-DakarStéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisEdi OrioliCagiva Elefant 900
1993Paris-DakarStéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1992Paris-Sirt-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1991Paris-Tripoli-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE750T
1990Paris-Tripoli-Edi OrioliCagiva Elefant 900
1989Paris-Tunis-DakarGilles LalayHonda NXR800V
1988Paris-Alger-DakarEdi OrioliHonda NXR800V
1987Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda NXR750V
1986Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda NXR750V
1985Paris-Alger-DakarGaston RahierBMW GS980R
1984Paris-Alger-DakarGaston RahierBMW GS980R
1983Paris-Alger-DakarHubert AuriolBMW GS980R
1982Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda XR550
1981Paris-DakarHubert AuriolBMW GS800R
1980Paris-DakarCyril NeveuYamaha XT500
1979Paris-DakarCyril NeveuYamaha XT500

Dakar Rally Truck Champions:

2021Jeddah–ḤaʼilDmitry SotnikovKamaz 43509
2020Jeddah–Riyadh–QiddiyaAndrey KarginovKamaz 43509
2019Lima–LimaEduard NikolaevKamaz 43509
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaEduard NikolaevKamaz 4326
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresEduard NikolaevKamaz 4326
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioGerard de RooyIveco PowerStar
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Ayrat MardeevKamaz
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoAndrey KarginovKamaz
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoEduard NikolaevKamaz
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaGérard de RooyIveco PowerStar
2011Buenos Aires-AricaVladimir ChaginKamaz
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaVladimir ChaginKamaz
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoFirdaus KabirovKamaz
2007Lisbon-DakarHans StaceyMAN
2006Lisbon-DakarVladimir ChaginKamaz
2005Barcelona-DakarFirdaus KabirovKamaz
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2003Marseille-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2002Arras-Madrid-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2001Paris-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoVladimir ChaginKamaz
1999Granada-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
1998Paris-Granada-Karel LopraisTatra
1997Dakar-Agades-Peter ReifHino
1996Granada-DakarViktor MoskovskikhKamaz
1995Granada-DakarKarel LopraisTatra)
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisKarel LopraisTatra
1993Paris-DakarFrancesco PerliniPerlini
1992Paris-Sirt-Francesco PerliniPerlini
1991Paris-Tripoli-Jacques HoussatPerlini
1988Paris-Alger-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
1987Paris-Alger-DakarJan de RooyDAF
1986Paris-Alger-DakarGiacomo VismaraMercedes-Benz
1985Paris-Alger-DakarKarl-Friedrich CapitoMercedes-Benz
1984Paris-Alger-DakarPierre LalleuMercedes-Benz
1983Paris-Alger-DakarGeorges GroineMercedes-Benz
1982Paris-Alger-DakarGeorges GroineMercedes-Benz
1981Paris-DakarAdrien VilletteALM/ACMAT
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