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Dakar Rally Car,Truck and Moto Champions

See a complete list of Dakar Rally Car,Truck and Moto Champions. The 2019 Dakar Rally Champions are Marc Coma of Spain (Bikes), Toby Price (Bikes), Nasser Al-Attiyah of Qatar (Cars), Eduard Nikolaev of Russia (Trucks) and Nicolas Cavigliasso from Argentina (ATV/Quads).

Fast Facts:

  • The 2015 Rally traversed 9,000 kilometres through various parts of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
  • The Dakar rally formerly known as “The Paris-Dakar” or “Paris to Dakar Rally”) was originally, the rally was from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal, via a transfer across the Mediterranean.
  • The race is open to amateur and professional riders/drivers. Roughly eighty percent of the participants are amateurs.
  • The three major competitive groups in the Dakar are the bike(moto) class (including the quadbikes sub-class), the car class, (which ranges from buggies to small SUVs), and the T4 truck class.
  • The rally originated in 1978, a year after motorcycle racer, Thierry Sabine got lost in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice. He thought it would be a good location for a regular rally.
  • In 2001 Jutta Kleinschmidt (Miss Dakar) became the first woman to win the overall event.
  • Security threats in Mauritania led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally.

The Dakar rally car class Champions:

YearRouteMake & modelDriver and Co-driver
2019Lima–LimaToyota Hilux DakarNasser Al-Attiyah, Matthieu Baumel
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaPeugeot 3008 DKR MaxiCarlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresPeugeot 3008 DKRStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioPeugeot 2008 DKRStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Mini All 4 RacingNasser Al-Attiyah, Matthieu Baumel
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoMini All 4 RacingNani Roma, Michel Périn
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoMini All 4 RacingStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaMini All 4 RacingStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2011Buenos Aires-AricaVolkswagen TouaregNasser Al-Attiyah, Timo Gottschalk
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaVolkswagen TouaregCarlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoVolkswagen TouaregGiniel de Villiers, Dirk von Zitzewitz
2007Lisbon-DakarMitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2006Lisbon-DakarMitsubishi PajeroLuc Alphand, Gilles Picard
2005Barcelona-DakarMitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Mitsubishi PajeroStéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2003Marseille-Mitsubishi PajeroHiroshi Masuoka, Andreas Schulz
2002Arras-Madrid-Mitsubishi PajeroHiroshi Masuoka, Pascal Maimon
2001Paris-DakarMitsubishi PajeroJutta Kleinschmidt, Andreas Schulz
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoSchlesser-Renault BuggyJean-Louis Schlesser, Henri Magne
1999Granada-DakarSchlesser-Renault BuggyJean-Louis Schlesser, Philippe Monnet
1998Paris-Granada-Mitsubishi PajeroJean-Pierre Fontenay, Gilles Picard
1997Dakar-Agades-Mitsubishi PajeroKenjiro Shinozuka, Henri Magne
1996Granada-DakarCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1995Granada-DakarCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisCitroën ZXPierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1993Paris-DakarMitsubishi PajeroBruno Saby, Dominique Seriyes
1992Paris-Sirt-Mitsubishi PajeroHubert Auriol, Philippe Monnet
1991Paris-Tripoli-Citroën ZXAri Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1990Paris-Tripoli-Peugeot 405 T16Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1989Paris-Tunis-DakarPeugeot 405 T16Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1988Paris-Alger-DakarPeugeot 205 T16Juha Kankkunen, Juha Piironen
1987Paris-Alger-DakarPeugeot 205 T16Ari Vatanen, Bernard Giroux
1986Paris-Alger-DakarPorsche 959René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1985Paris-Alger-DakarMitsubishi PajeroPatrick Zaniroli, Jean Da Silva
1984Paris-Alger-DakarPorsche 911René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1983Paris-Alger-DakarMercedes 280 GJacky Ickx, Claude Brasseur
1982Paris-Alger-DakarRenault 20Claude Marreau, Bernard Marreau
1981Paris-DakarRange RoverRené Metge, Bernard Giroux
1980Paris-DakarVolkswagen IltisFreddy Kottulinsky, Gerd Löffelmann
1979Paris-DakarRange RoverAlain Génestier,Joseph Terbiaut

Dar Moto Cross Rally
Dakar Moto

Dakar Moto Class rally Champions:

YearRouteRiderMake & model
2019Lima–LimaToby PriceKTM 450 Rally
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaMatthias WalknerKTM 450 Rally Replica
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresSam SunderlandKTM 450 Rally
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioToby PriceKTM 450 Rally
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Marc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoMarc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoCyril DespresKTM 450 Rally
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaCyril DespresKTM 450 Rally
2011Buenos Aires-AricaMarc ComaKTM 450 Rally
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaCyril DespresKTM 690 Rally
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoMarc ComaKTM 690 Rally
2007Lisbon-DakarCyril DespresKTM 690 Rally
2006Lisbon-DakarMarc ComaKTM LC4 660R
2005Barcelona-DakarCyril DespresKTM LC4 660R
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Nani RomaKTM LC4 660R
2003Marseille-Richard SainctKTM LC4 660R
2002Arras-Madrid-Fabrizio MeoniKTM LC8 950R
2001Paris-DakarFabrizio MeoniKTM LC4 660R
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoRichard SainctBMW F650RR
1999Granada-DakarRichard SainctBMW F650RR
1998Paris-Granada-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1997Dakar-Agades-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1996Granada-DakarEdi OrioliYamaha YZE850T
1995Granada-DakarStéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisEdi OrioliCagiva Elefant 900
1993Paris-DakarStéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1992Paris-Sirt-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE850T
1991Paris-Tripoli-Stéphane PeterhanselYamaha YZE750T
1990Paris-Tripoli-Edi OrioliCagiva Elefant 900
1989Paris-Tunis-DakarGilles LalayHonda NXR800V
1988Paris-Alger-DakarEdi OrioliHonda NXR800V
1987Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda NXR750V
1986Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda NXR750V
1985Paris-Alger-DakarGaston RahierBMW GS980R
1984Paris-Alger-DakarGaston RahierBMW GS980R
1983Paris-Alger-DakarHubert AuriolBMW GS980R
1982Paris-Alger-DakarCyril NeveuHonda XR550
1981Paris-DakarHubert AuriolBMW GS800R
1980Paris-DakarCyril NeveuYamaha XT500
1979Paris-DakarCyril NeveuYamaha XT500

Dakar rally truck champions:

2019Lima–LimaEduard NikolaevKamaz 43509
2018Lima–La Paz–CórdobaEduard NikolaevKamaz 4326
2017Asunción–La Paz–Buenos AiresEduard NikolaevKamaz 4326
2016Buenos Aires–Salta-RosarioGerard de RooyIveco PowerStar
2015Buenos Aires–Iquique-Ayrat MardeevKamaz
2014Rosario-Salta–ValparaísoAndrey KarginovKamaz
2013Lima–Tucumán–SantiagoEduard NikolaevKamaz
2012Mar del Plata–Arica–LimaGérard de RooyIveco PowerStar
2011Buenos Aires-AricaVladimir ChaginKamaz
2010Buenos Aires-AntofagastaVladimir ChaginKamaz
2009Buenos Aires-ValparaisoFirdaus KabirovKamaz
2007Lisbon-DakarHans StaceyMAN
2006Lisbon-DakarVladimir ChaginKamaz
2005Barcelona-DakarFirdaus KabirovKamaz
2004Clermont-Ferrand-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2003Marseille-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2002Arras-Madrid-Vladimir ChaginKamaz
2001Paris-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
2000Paris-Dakar-CairoVladimir ChaginKamaz
1999Granada-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
1998Paris-Granada-Karel LopraisTatra
1997Dakar-Agades-Peter ReifHino
1996Granada-DakarViktor MoskovskikhKamaz
1995Granada-DakarKarel LopraisTatra)
1994Paris-Dakar-ParisKarel LopraisTatra
1993Paris-DakarFrancesco PerliniPerlini
1992Paris-Sirt-Francesco PerliniPerlini
1991Paris-Tripoli-Jacques HoussatPerlini
1988Paris-Alger-DakarKarel LopraisTatra
1987Paris-Alger-DakarJan de RooyDAF
1986Paris-Alger-DakarGiacomo VismaraMercedes-Benz
1985Paris-Alger-DakarKarl-Friedrich CapitoMercedes-Benz
1984Paris-Alger-DakarPierre LalleuMercedes-Benz
1983Paris-Alger-DakarGeorges GroineMercedes-Benz
1982Paris-Alger-DakarGeorges GroineMercedes-Benz
1981Paris-DakarAdrien VilletteALM/ACMAT
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