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Canadian Figure Skating Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions


See a complete list of Canadian Figure Skating Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions. The 2017 Canadian Figure Skating Championships was won by Patrick Chan on the men’s side and Kaetlyn Osmond on the women’s side.

Fast Facts:

  • The Canadian Championships started in 1905.
  • The Canadian Figure Skating Championships is held annually to crown the national Figure Skating champions of Canada.
  • The competition is used to help determine the Canadian teams to the World Figure Skating Championships, the World Junior Figure Skating Championships, and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, as well as the Canadian national team.
  • Competition was interrupted in 1907 and 1909, and from 1915 through 1919 due to the First World War.

Men’s Canadian Figure Skating Champions:

2017Patrick ChanKevin ReynoldsNam Nguyen
2016Patrick ChanLiam FirusKevin Reynolds
2015Nam NguyenJeremy TenLiam Firus
2014Patrick ChanKevin ReynoldsLiam Firus
2013Patrick ChanKevin ReynoldsAndrei Rogozine
2012Patrick ChanKevin ReynoldsJeremy Ten
2011Patrick ChanShawn SawyerJoey Russell
2010Patrick ChanVaughn ChipeurKevin Reynolds
2009Patrick ChanVaughn ChipeurJeremy Ten
2008Patrick ChanJeffrey ButtleShawn Sawyer
2007Jeffrey ButtleChristopher MabeeEmanuel Sandhu
2006Jeffrey ButtleEmanuel SandhuShawn Sawyer
2005Jeffrey ButtleEmanuel SandhuShawn Sawyer
2004Emanuel SandhuBen FerreiraJeffrey Buttle
2003Emanuel SandhuJeffrey ButtleFedor Andreev
2002Elvis StojkoEmanuel SandhuJeffrey Buttle
2001Emanuel SandhuJayson DénomméeBen Ferreira
2000Elvis StojkoEmanuel SandhuBen Ferreira
1999Elvis StojkoEmanuel SandhuJean-Francois Hebert
1998Elvis StojkoEmanuel SandhuJeff Langdon
1997Elvis StojkoJeff LangdonSébastien Britten
1996Elvis StojkoSébastien BrittenMarcus Christensen
1995Sébastien BrittenMarcus ChristensenRavi Walia
1994Elvis StojkoKurt BrowningSébastien Britten
1993Kurt BrowningElvis StojkoMarcus Christensen
1992Michael SlipchukElvis StojkoSébastien Britten
1991Kurt BrowningElvis StojkoMichael Slipchuk
1990Kurt BrowningElvis StojkoMichael Slipchuk
1989Kurt BrowningMichael SlipchukMatthew Hall
1988Brian OrserKurt BrowningNeil Paterson
1987Brian OrserKurt BrowningMichael Slipchuk
1986Brian OrserNeil PatersonJaimee Eggleton
1985Brian OrserNeil PatersonGordon Forbes
1984Brian OrserGary BeacomGordon Forbes
1983Brian OrserGary BeacomGordon Forbes
1982Brian OrserBrian PockarDennis Coi
1981Brian OrserBrian PockarGordon Forbes
1980Brian PockarGordon ForbesGary Beacom
1979Brian PockarVern TaylorGordon Forbes
1978Brian PockarVern TaylorJim Szabo
1977Ron ShaverBrian PockarVern Taylor
1976Toller CranstonRon ShaverStan Bohonek
1975Toller CranstonRobert RubensStan Bohonek
1974Toller CranstonRon ShaverRobert Rubens
1973Toller CranstonRon ShaverRobert Rubens
1972Toller CranstonPaul BonenfantKenneth Polk
1971Toller CranstonPaul BonenfantKenneth Polk
1970David McGillivrayToller CranstonRon Shaver
1969Jay HumphryDavid McGillivrayToller Cranston
1968Jay HumphryDavid McGillivraySteve Hutchinson
1967Donald KnightJay HumphryCharles Snelling
1966Donald KnightCharles SnellingJay Humphry
1965Donald KnightCharles SnellingJay Humphry
1964Charles SnellingDonald KnightJay Humphry
1963Donald McPhersonDonald KnightBill Neale
1962Donald JacksonDonald McPhersonDonald Knight
1961Donald JacksonDonald McPhersonBradley Black
1960Donald JacksonDonald McPhersonLouis Stong
1959Donald JacksonEdward Collins
1958Charles SnellingDonald JacksonEdward Collins
1957Charles SnellingDonald JacksonEdward Collins
1956Charles SnellingDonald JacksonDouglas Court
1955Charles SnellingDouglas Court
1954Charles SnellingDouglas CourtPaul Tatton
1953Peter FirstbrookCharles SnellingPeter Dunfield
1952Peter FirstbrookWilliam LewisPeter Dunfield
1951Peter FirstbrookRoger WicksonWilliam Lewis
1950Roger WicksonDonald TobinWilliam Lewis
1949Roger WicksonWilliam LewisDonald Tobin
1948Wallace DiestelmeyerRoger Wickson
1947Norris BowdenWallace DiestelmeyerGerrard Blair
1946Ralph McCreathNorris BowdenRoger Wickson
1945Nigel StephensFrank Sellers
1942Michael KirbyDonald Gilchrist
1941Ralph McCreathDonald GilchristJack Vigeon
1940Ralph McCreathDonald GilchristWingate Snaith
1939Montgomery WilsonRalph McCreathJack Vigeon
1938Montgomery WilsonRalph McCreathWingate Snaith
1937Osborne ColsonWingate SnaithRalph McCreath
1936Osborne ColsonWingate SnaithPhilip Lee
1935Montgomery WilsonOsborne ColsonGuy Owen
1934Montgomery WilsonGuy OwenRupert Whitehead
1933Montgomery WilsonGuy OwenRupert Whitehead
1932Montgomery WilsonGuy OwenHubert Sprott
1931Montgomery WilsonStewart ReburnLewis Elkin
1930Montgomery WilsonLewis Elkin
1929Montgomery WilsonStewart ReburnJack Eastwood
1928Melville Rogers
1927Melville RogersMontgomery WilsonJack Eastwood
1926Melville RogersMontgomery Wilson
1925Melville RogersJohn MachadoMontgomery Wilson
1924John MachadoMontgomery WilsonNorman Gregory
1923Melville RogersJohn MachadoNorman Gregory
1922Duncan HodgsonMelville RogersJohn Machado
1921Duncan HodgsonJohn MachadoMelville Rogers
1920Norman ScottDuncan HodgsonMelville Rogers
1914Norman ScottPhilip Chrysler
1913Philip ChryslerNorman Scott
1912Douglas H. Nelles
1911Ormond B. HaycockJ. Cecil McDougall
1910Douglas H. Nelles
1908Ormond B. Haycock
1906Ormond B. Haycock
1905Ormond B. Haycock
Cynthia Phaneuf

Women’s Canadian Figure Skating Champions:

2017Kaetlyn OsmondGabrielle DalemanAlaine Chartrand
2016Alaine ChartrandGabrielle DalemanKaetlyn Osmond
2015Gabrielle DalemanAlaine ChartrandVeronik Mallet
2014Kaetlyn OsmondGabrielle DalemanAmélie Lacoste
2013Kaetlyn OsmondGabrielle DalemanAlaine Chartrand
2012Amélie LacosteCynthia PhaneufKaetlyn Osmond
2011Cynthia PhaneufMyriane SamsonAmélie Lacoste
2010Joannie RochetteCynthia PhaneufMyriane Samson
2009Joannie RochetteCynthia PhaneufAmélie Lacoste
2008Joannie RochetteMira LeungCynthia Phaneuf
2007Joannie RochetteMira LeungLesley Hawker
2006Joannie RochetteMira LeungLesley Hawker
2005Joannie RochetteCynthia PhaneufMira Leung
2004Cynthia PhaneufJoannie RochetteJennifer Robinson
2003Jennifer RobinsonJoannie RochetteAnnie Bellemare
2002Jennifer RobinsonAnnie BellemareJoannie Rochette
2001Jennifer RobinsonNicole WattAnnie Bellemare
2000Jennifer RobinsonMichelle CurrieAnnie Bellemare
1999Jennifer RobinsonAnnie BellemareAngela Derochie
1998Angela DerochieKeyla OhsJennifer Robinson
1997Susan HumphreysAngela DerochieJennifer Robinson
1996Jennifer RobinsonJosée ChouinardSusan Humphreys
1995Netty KimJennifer RobinsonSusan Humphreys
1994Josée ChouinardSusan HumphreysKaren Preston
1993Josée ChouinardKaren PrestonSusan Humphreys
1992Karen PrestonJosée ChouinardTanya Bingert
1991Josée ChouinardLisa SargeantTanya Bingert
1990Lisa SargeantCharlene WongJosée Chouinard
1989Karen PrestonCharlene WongLisa Sargeant
1988Elizabeth ManleyCharlene WongShannon Allison
1987Elizabeth ManleyPatricia SchmidtLinda Florkevich
1986Tracey WainmanElizabeth ManleyPatricia Schmidt
1985Elizabeth ManleyCynthia CoullCharlene Wong
1984Kay ThomsonElizabeth ManleyCynthia Coull
1983Kay ThomsonCharlene WongCynthia Coull
1982Kay ThomsonElizabeth ManleyTracey Wainman
1981Tracey WainmanKay ThomsonElizabeth Manley
1980Heather KemkaranJanet MorrisseyTracey Wainman
1979Janet MorrisseyHeather KemkaranDeborah Albright
1978Heather KemkaranCathie MacFarlanePeggy McLean
1977Lynn NightingaleHeather KemkaranKim Alletson
1976Lynn NightingaleKim AlletsonSusan MacDonald
1975Lynn NightingaleKim AlletsonBarbara Terpenning
1974Lynn NightingaleBarbara TerpenningDaria Prychun
1973Karen MagnussenCathy Lee IrwinLynn Nightingale
1972Karen MagnussenRuth HutchinsonCathy Lee Irwin
1971Karen MagnussenRuth HutchinsonDiane Hall
1970Karen MagnussenCathy Lee IrwinKaren Grobba
1969Linda CarbonettoKaren MagnussenCathy Lee Irwin
1968Karen MagnussenLinda CarbonettoLyndsai Cowan
1967Valerie JonesKaren MagnussenRoberta Laurent
1966Petra BurkaValerie JonesRoberta Laurent
1965Petra BurkaValerie JonesGloria Tatton
1964Petra BurkaWendy GrinerShirra Kenworthy
1963Wendy GrinerPetra BurkaShirra Kenworthy
1962Wendy GrinerPetra BurkaShirra Kenworthy
1961Wendy GrinerShirra KenworthySonia Snelling
1960Wendy GrinerShirra KenworthySonia Snelling
1959Margaret CroslandSonia SnellingSandra Tewkesbury
1958Margaret CroslandDoreen ListerSonia Snelling
1957Carole Jane PachlKaren DixonMargaret Crosland
1956Carole Jane PachlAnn JohnstonSonja Currie
1955Carole Jane PachlAnn JohnstonJoan Shippam
1954Barbara GrattonSonja CurrieVevi Smith
1953Barbara GrattonDawn SteckleyYarmila Pachl
1952Marlene SmithVevi SmithElizabeth Gratton
1951Suzanne MorrowVevi SmithJane Kirby
1950Suzanne MorrowMarlene SmithVevi Smith
1949Suzanne MorrowPatsy EarlJeanne Matthews
1948Barbara Ann ScottJeanne MatthewsMarlene Smith
1947Marilyn Ruth TakeNadine PhillipsSuzanne Morrow
1946Barbara Ann ScottMarilyn Ruth TakeNadine Phillips
1945Barbara Ann ScottMarilyn Ruth TakeGloria Lillico
1944Barbara Ann ScottMarilyn Ruth TakeNadine Phillips
1942Mary Rose ThackerBarbara Ann ScottElizabeth McKellar
1941Mary Rose ThackerBarbara Ann ScottNorah McCarthy
1940Norah McCarthyMary Rose ThackerEleanor O\’Meara
1939Mary Rose ThackerNorah McCarthyEleanor O\’Meara
1938Eleanor O\’MearaDorothy CaleyEleanor Wilson
1937Dorothy CaleyEleanor O\’MearaVeronica Clarke
1936Eleanor O\’MearaVeronica ClarkeMargaret Leslie
1935Constance Wilson-SamuelVeronica ClarkeFrances Claudet
1934Constance Wilson-SamuelVeronica ClarkeKathleen Lopdell
1933Constance Wilson-SamuelCecil SmithVeronica Clarke
1932Constance Wilson-SamuelVeronica ClarkeElizabeth Fisher
1931Constance Wilson-SamuelCecil SmithElizabeth Fisher
1930Constance Wilson-SamuelElizabeth FisherDorothy Benson
1929Constance WilsonCecil SmithDorothy Benson
1928Margot BarclayMarion McDougallDorothy Benson
1927Constance WilsonCecil SmithEvelyn Darling
1926Cecil SmithConstance WilsonMrs. G. C. Secord
1925Cecil SmithConstance Wilson
1924Constance WilsonMargot BarclayMarjorie Annable
1923Dorothy JenkinsCecil SmithConstance Wilson
1922Dorothy JenkinsAlden GodwinMrs. John Law
1921Jeanne ChevalierDorothy JenkinsAlden Godwin
1920Jeanne ChevalierDorothy JenkinsAlden Godwin
1914Muriel MaunsellJeanne Chevalier
1913Eleanor KingsfordJeanne Chevalier
1912Eleanor Kingsford
1911Lady Evelyn Grey
1910Iris Mudge
1908Aimee Haycock
1906Aimee Haycock
1905Anne Ewan